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TaoLiChinese is Invited to Participate in the 1st World Chinese Language Conference in Beijing

waktu: 11/12/2023   sumber: anonim   klik num: 1237

Abstract: Advancing International Chinese Education Together

01. Invitation to TaoLiChinese

The 2023 World Chinese Language Conference convened at the National Convention Center in Beijing from December 7th to 9th to propel the high-quality development of international Chinese education and foster cross-cultural language exchanges. TaoLiChinese was honoured to be part of this significant event as a rising entity in the international Chinese education industry.

Under the theme "Chinese for the World, Openness to the Future," the conference saw the attendance of around 4,000 delegates, including education officials and institution leaders from over 160 countries, international language and culture promotion organisations, global associations, experts, scholars, corporate representatives, and foreign diplomats.

02. Advancements in Chinese Education

Fang Jinfeng, Chairman of TaoLi Weilai Group, and Xie Junjie, Director of TaoLiChinese, along with the TaoLiChinese team, attended the event in Beijing, collaborating with Jin Hui, General Manager of TaoLiChinese's Beijing branch.

Chairman and General Manager Li Peize of Chinese Testing International Co., Ltd.,

taking a photo with the TaoLiChinese team leader.

Spanning three days, the conference featured over 20 international forums and exhibitions. At this stage, TaoLiChinese presented its extensive global presence, encompassing product innovation, expansion into the Southeast Asian market, collaboration with Confucius Institutes to establish curricula, and its accreditation as an official HSK examination centre. Over the past two years, TaoLiChinese has devoted substantial efforts to international Chinese education, amassing data, profiling language learners, and consistently adhering to a professional, innovative, and responsible approach, offering diverse learning solutions to Chinese learners worldwide.

03. TaoLiChinese, your First Choice

During the event, TaoLiChinese showcased its cutting-edge product range. Attendees interacted hands-on with the TaoLiChinese App's (TaoLi) innovative capabilities via interactive touchscreens. TaoLi pioneered leading features by harnessing advanced language models, including AI assessment, multilingual video generation, and intelligent study companions. It introduced high-quality courses encompassing general Chinese, specialised Chinese, and HSK, enabling efficient and smooth Chinese learning tailored to learners' native languages.

Since 2023, TaoLi has introduced robust AI-powered features. The TaoLi Chinese Proficiency Test allows swift self-assessment; TaoLi General Chinese offers learners immersive virtual tours of Chinese cities, cultural insights, personalised study reports, and small incentives; TaoLi Spoken Chinese courses guide learners through interactive exercises and intelligent speech recognition to acquire authentic oral expressions.

Several experts and scholars in Chinese education commended the learning system developed by TaoLiChinese, and they believed these technologies could notably improve teachers' preparation efficiency, positively influencing the future development of global Chinese teaching.

TaoLiChinese has made remarkable strides in international Chinese education. As of October 2023, it has reached over 1 million users, garnered over 2 million followers, and encompassed more than 160 countries and regions. In December 2023, TaoLiChinese was honoured as a finalist for the Google Play 2023 Best Self-improvement App award! TaoLiChinese remains committed to continuously exploring and advancing Chinese education, aiming to inspirethelovefor Mandarin Chinese!!

04. Building a Brighter Future Together

The enduring spirit of the Silk Road continues to emanate openness, mutual benefit, inclusivity, and peace in this modern era. TaoLiChinese actively responds to the Belt and Road Initiative, participating in the World Chinese Language Conference and collaborating with the Chinese InternationalEducation Foundation, the Ministry of Education's Centre for Language Education and Cooperation, and the International Society for Chinese Language Teaching. Together, they drive the progress and development of international Chinese education, contributing wisdom and strength to construct a community with a shared human destiny and foster a brighter future for global society.